We are a small group of fractivists who are concerned with fracking that is occurring in the Four Corners area.


    Frack Free Four Corners Is dedicated to the following points of concern from fracking: health and cultural effects on area residents including indigenous peoples, methane emissions, destruction of our ancient and cultural sites, water contamination, earthquakes & the ruination of farming and their communities.


    As Four Corners states, we hope to bring activists together and assist each other in combating fracking in our shared regions. It is our mission to amplify the voices and work of all our fellow activists and their organizations, but it is also our mission to provide our fellow citizens with the credible information and tools to maximize their participation and assistance in achieving our mutual goals.


  • Oil and gas development over time in the San Juan Basin

    91% of public lands in northwest New Mexico are already leased for drilling… much of the last 9% is in Greater Chaco, and now the BLM wants to frack for oil and gas there, too.

    Read More: http://www.sanjuancitizens.org/chaco

  • This video was made in response to the Bureau of Land Management’s announcement to facilitate the leasing of 6.2 million acres of the Chaco region of New Mexico to oil companies for fracking and horizontal drilling, Chaco is a uniquely integrated landscape of built environments. It was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and is considered one of the most important ancient sites of the Americas.

    Testimonials from citizens of the Four Corners area concerning fracking for gas and oil in their backyards.

  • Fracking is the process of drilling down into the earth before a high-pressure water mixture is directed at the rock to release the gas inside. Water, sand and chemicals are injected into the rock at high pressure which allows the gas to flow out to the head of the well.


    Frack Off Greater Chaco is a collaborative effort between Indigenous community leaders, Native groups, nonprofits, and public lands and water protectors across the southwest and the country working to stop fracking in Greater Chaco.


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